jesus christ

2021.11.28 23:22 erisawakens jesus christ

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2021.11.28 23:22 Flying910 Why do I feel this way?

Sometimes I catch myself feeling that I deserve better. Why? Even though I’m in love, married, and really enjoy life with him. Still sometimes I catch myself thinking I deserve better.
Thoughts like
Why does he talk to me like that? Why can’t he simply rub my back every now and then without being asked? Why do I feel like I’m just a shadow being unnoticed?
What gets me the most is the way I’m talked to sometimes.. and when I tell him how I feel it’s a argument and telling me “that’s just how I am” like… it hurts..
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2021.11.28 23:22 DarkPearlGamingYT Looking for similar shows

I just finished watching this and loved it, anyone know any similar shows?
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2021.11.28 23:22 I_Am_That_One_Fellow ASUS Mobo has a the white VGA QLED on with an A0 code with no display connected.

I've tried different monitors with both HDMI cords and Display Port cords. Specs below. Motherboard - Z590 E Gaming Series. GPU -Nvidia RTX 3080. CPU - Intel 11700 KF. SSD - 1 TB WD Black 3D series SN850 M.2 Gen 4. Memory - DDR 4-3600. PSU 800 Watt -80 Plus
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2021.11.28 23:22 drynionph Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

CENTAURIFY in a nutshell:
Imagine if TicketMaster was built on a blockchain, with NFTs representing tickets. 100% traceable, impossible to counterfeit, and programmable re-sale conditions that protect both the consumers and the event host.

Centaurify - Tokenizing tickets with NFT & smart contract technology. Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe. With fiat on ramps as well as a music NFT marketplace!

We allow organizers to mint their own NFT-tickets, setting their rules of the smart-contract tokenomics to reward themselves, their artists & their audience on every transaction on the secondary market.

- We allow organizers to set maximum re-sale price to prevent scalping.
- Organizers will secure their audience by using Centurify. NFT-tickets are 100% traceable and are impossible to counterfeit.
- Artists gets fixed 2% automated reflection on every NFT-Ticket transaction from Centaurify.

✅Liquidity lock:

Link Buy
✅Contract Address: 0xE2B10d9EAbaBAD2E44e77ea8E64B840BCC80656E

☘️ CLMD (14 platinum awarded DJ) a part of the core team
☘️ Team based in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia
☘️ Listed at MEXC and CMC today

✨ Website:
✨ Telegram:
✨ Twitter:
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2021.11.28 23:22 Soupnoop4 real sophisticated take

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2021.11.28 23:22 BlazeKnaveII Motion Sensors? - not sure if this post is allowed in this sub so feel free to tell me to F off

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2021.11.28 23:22 lemc4 Trying something new, picked this bad boy up last night. Read about it on this sub!

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2021.11.28 23:22 BOSsStuff Feelin' Oki tonight

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2021.11.28 23:22 SSDisclosure New Advisory: Chrome Ad Heavy Bypass - Find out how bypassing the mechanism would allow ads that are breaching the restrictions imposed by Chrome to still run

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2021.11.28 23:22 UnusualSpring Atlas in his new sweater

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2021.11.28 23:22 Zhaunrae I did my best to draw Eula

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2021.11.28 23:22 frijolito19 Ok Shannon.

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2021.11.28 23:22 NorCalV4X Late 20's looking for a fun few years

Hello Everyone
I am a single guy in his late 20's, looking for a major change of pace in early 2023. I am a UK citizen, but I have lived in California as a permanent resident for 18 years. I currently work in utility regulation but have academic (Masters) and some work experience in bio-sciences and finance.
I am not desperate to move immediately, but it is clear that unless I get a significant boost in salary (currently about 70k/yr before tax/deductions for benefits, with the possibility of going up to 80k), I have little chance of ever owning or even renting a halfway decent place in either area I have lived. I currently have ~100k available (saving since 16).
More than that, however, the Bay Area is just kind of played out for me. I have seen and done pretty much everything in the area that I want to, and, with one exception, all of my old friends are gone. I am also tired of the mostly fake and flaky social culture of the area that makes it difficult to make decent new ones.
I have considered returning to San Diego, as I did really enjoy what time I had there that wasn't entirely swallowed by work, but truthfully I want out of California. I figure that I have a few years before I have to start thinking seriously about a potential family, and want to, for the first time in my life, move somewhere based on what I want rather than where school is or where I can scrabble up a job.
Apart from California, I lived in Connecticut when I was in elementary school (so I am not entirely unfamiliar with the concept of four seasons) and have had internships/work placements in Calgary, Alberta, and Fort Meyers, Florida. Of the two, I preferred Calgary, but both placements took place in the summer months, so I know it is not the whole picture. I am open to places both inside and outside of the United States. With that in mind, here are my main criteria.
Decent internet access: While I do not need crazy fast internet, as I do not game online or anything like that, I would like to be able to, for example, watch standard definition videos on YouTube without issues.
Affordable: There is some leeway here, but ideally, I want to be able to rent a decent studio apartment for $1,000 or less per month. Or less than a third of my monthly salary after tax. Preferably in an area without a lot of HOA interference, as I am still fairly young and want to be able to have people visit/have fun.
Access to both open spaces and cities: Outside of the gym, my two biggest hobbies are flying RC planes and hiking/exploring. Living in the center of an inescapable city like NYC would drive me insane, but at the same time, I would like access, preferably by public transport, to a major city or two. (This is one of the good things about my current situation).
Some level of English being understood: While I would try my absolute hardest to learn the native language/culture of wherever I moved to, both before and after I moved there, I have struggled with learning another language in the past.
Drivability: While a good public transport network and biking areas would be nice, especially when visiting any nearby major cities, I have been driving since I was 16 and would hate to give up the independence that having a car gives me.
A varied climate: I am pretty tolerant of the temperature and would like to experience four seasons again. The only thing I would prefer to avoid is sweltering/humid summers.
Low crime rate: The area does not have to be squeaky clean, but I do not want to live somewhere where I am at significant risk of being attacked/robbed every time I leave my residence.
Employment opportunities:
Moderate/Moderate Conservative culture: I have been dealing with uber-liberal Bay Area culture for a long time, and frankly, I have had enough.
A good variety of food: I cooked 16-18 of my 21 weekly meals in San Diego, but I love exploring culinary culture when I do eat out.
Good nightlife: I am not a big party guy and generally prefer bars to clubs, but I enjoy going out, having fun, and experiencing new things. A decent dating scene would be a nice bonus.
Not of concern
Schools: It is highly unlikely that I am going to have kids during this time.
Healthcare: While I do not want to live where there is no healthcare whatsoever, I am a physically fit guy in his late 20's with no significant chronic health issues, and a year at my current job, with good benefits, to get anything that needs to be addressed fixed.
I am still in the very early stages of planning my move, so I am casting a broad net and working on narrowing it down over the next six months. Any suggestions of locations in or out of the USA would be most appreciated, as would any advice about potential factors to determine a location's suitability that I have not considered. I appreciate your help.
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2021.11.28 23:22 Best_Manufacturer_51 Sasha at campsite

If anyone wants him they’re currently at our campsite! My wife and I are just looking for golf nuggets if anyone has some to spare!
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2021.11.28 23:22 Ik31 ID Request. Found in Western Oregon

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2021.11.28 23:22 liquid_sandwich Where are the w a n d s

My fav to play as is the wizard. I've been playing quite a bit lately and I seriously have found maybe 2 wands this last week of playing. Also, tips for a wizard build? I've only ever gotten to the second boss once and I've been playing for almost a year. I succ
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2021.11.28 23:22 Flo__Moore George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

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2021.11.28 23:22 Consistent-Bicycle80 The journey to a peaceful life starts within 💜

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2021.11.28 23:22 GeoffProbst Boss Beaver NFT Help and Promotion Channel

Welcome to Boss Beaver!
In this server you can:
We have an extensive help section for those new to NFTs and want help getting started. We're always ready to answer questions.
Come to the Chill Lounge and make new friends
Promote yourself in the Self-Promo room.
Promote your NFT in the NFT Promotion room.
We're always looking to partner with other discords, drop by the Partnership room for more information.
Voice and Music rooms to hang in.
And last but not least we hope you enjoy your stay!
Join the Discord here:
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2021.11.28 23:22 ArtificalPro Anyone in here an only child? What is life like for you?

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2021.11.28 23:22 Shagatron Oh my god alt-j

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2021.11.28 23:22 RealNCRranger Def not the newer california republic

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2021.11.28 23:22 Sleeping_2202 Anastasia Cebulska

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2021.11.28 23:22 wizardinthewings A Tufted Titmouse

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