Hit a new low

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2022.01.28 20:00 inthebleakmidwinter- Hit a new low

Can't fucking believe I'd be listening to asmr audios telling me everything's gonna be fucking fine. Man, what a fucking shit show this has been. I am cringing at the thought but what the fuck am I supposed to do? Who do I run to? Guess this is where my rock bottom is. I just wanna fucking sleep.
Is that too much to ask?
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2022.01.28 20:00 NinofanTOG Eliwood you dingus

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2022.01.28 20:00 Tricky-Elderberry-57 GMR Gold

Anyone ever order from gmrgold.com? Seems to have cheaper prices than jmbullion and apmex.
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2022.01.28 20:00 Flashy_Window6748 I will try to upload drawings from time to time, thanks for your comments

I will try to upload drawings from time to time, thanks for your comments
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2022.01.28 20:00 mazalthan I never wanted to get left behind.

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2022.01.28 20:00 deviantdeviations tomato, gaming

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2022.01.28 20:00 autotldr 'Swipe left for meth': Florida officials using dating apps to try to find drug dealers

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 50%. (I'm a bot)

Dozens of people are accused of selling drugs on gay and LGBTQ dating apps and concealing their sales with emojis and codewords, authorities in Florida said Thursday.
Detectives with the Polk County Sheriff's Office alleged that 52 people used three apps - Grindr, Scruff and Taimi - to sell methamphetamines, cocaine, Fentanyl, marijuana and other drugs, the sheriff's office said in a news release.
Marijuana was the most commonly sold drug, with investigators buying nearly a pound and a half through online sales, the sheriff's office said.
Users have previously accused the company of not doing enough to police illegal drug sales.
The sheriff's office said a tip last July prompted the investigation, dubbed "Swipe Left for Meth." Detectives created undercover profiles and "Found it was relatively to strike up conversations," the sheriff's office said.
"It was clear during the conversations and ensuing drug buys that the suspects primary purposes for being on the dating app were to sell drugs - not to find a date," the sheriff's office said.
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2022.01.28 20:00 Ravitejanalla_17 FREE NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 UPVOTE & JOIN DISCORD ✅ READ COMMENT!!

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2022.01.28 20:00 lMr_Nobodyl I think it’s safe to say Mark has thalassophobia

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2022.01.28 20:00 Flinkerbop Any suggestions??

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2022.01.28 20:00 Lazy_Armadillo_7171 Stressed about LOR

Planning on applying for the 2023-2023 cycle. Graduated 2021; taking 2 gap years.
I have a 4.0 but with so many classes online plus an insanely busy schedule being a student athlete, I didn’t really establish good relationships with any science professors. Especially considering the classes were like 200 people. I asked 5 science professors for a LOR. So far 4 haven’t responded and 1 straight up said no because he has too many requests.
I was able to get LOR for non - science classes since those classes were smaller and I was able to build some sort of relationship. What am I supposed to do if the remaining 4 professors don’t respond?? Everything else with my app is done except these stupid LOR.
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2022.01.28 20:00 tnick771 She’s just too pretty

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2022.01.28 20:00 nitroxpress1337 Very rare M powered Altima

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2022.01.28 20:00 Blade_Baron Currently using Annastas Beastrinia v.3.0, and am using Biomes a' plenty for forge 1.12.2. I can see through the ground in some biomes, anyone know how I can fix this?

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2022.01.28 20:00 nineknives Gaztelugatxe, Basque Country, ES - GFX100S, GF45mm

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2022.01.28 20:00 Pretty-Bumblebee-315 Thalita Zampirolli

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2022.01.28 20:00 Easy_Set4108 I wish my sister dies in a horrible car accident

Ever since my sister was young, she was normal to me. I loved her, we were happy, we were didn’t have an issue. There were problems but mostly in my personal life, it wasn’t related to her or my brother.
Then as soon as she became a tween, it started to get a little hard for me to handle her. It all started when mom, my horrible evil mother, started to say cruel things about her. Over and over again. She first started by saying [about her] how she’s a dirty person, stupid, and all of that. The bullying my mom targeted towards her was unbelievable. But over the years, I’ve tried to sympathizing with my sister. I was defending her, at every chance I got. I really tried to do my best, I would always get in trouble for defending her tho. I tried to stand up for her, many many times, sometimes putting my “safety” of getting attacked by my monstrous mom aside, to protect her . I wasn’t perfect, like I said, I don’t even consider myself a great role model. But it was what I thought I could do for sometime.
However, I wasn’t a very great “supporter” of my sister. Sometimes, and I hate to admit it, to protect MYSELF, I tried to side along with my mother and even father, they both bullied her badly. At times, I tried to protect myself. They accused me of many things that were getting uncomfortable for me, so I didn’t want to defend her anymore. But I didn’t completely not defend her, I just was swinging between supporting her and supporting myself against getting attacked by my parents. I was under attack too. Although to a lesser extreme than her.
I believe what made my evil mom so monstrous and hurtful toward my sister, is two factors : 1- the first time she started getting very violent toward my sister, was because she was very very dirty ( not a lie ) tho the way my mom treated her was verrrrry horrible. 2- jealousy. My mom has always gave a hint about how my sister is “ very lucky to have her fair skin and light-brown hair “ sometimes ( or many times ) straight up accusing me of being jealous, until I realized it was a projection and I took it as a great sign of projection.
However, back to my sister. I think what has made me very hard for me to not have intense hatred towards her, is her attitude. Her smug attitude and shallow brainless self that I don’t know how it keeps her functioning - I hate her that’s all I know. Let me explain. So like I said, I am not a perfect sister. In fact, I am an awful person myself and I believe I need a lot of therapy to become a healthy person. But I can say, that I have tried my best to make my stupid little bitch sister feel safe. Safe in this horrible household, but all my efforts are always discarded. Many times, she will play the victim and say things that just drive me crazy like “ you’re the most selfish person ever “ but I was the only one who was very generous sharing my candy whenever I went out to get myself treats. I always thought of her first, stupidly, feeling bad for her. Now I regret all those sweet gestures cause she never thinks of me in any good waste and all that went to waste. Two, she says that I am two faced. But the truth is, that’s said when I speak out about her misbehaving little piece of shit self. Btw she’s 13. I understand sometimes, why she could be feeling these things. I have fought in a very physical and violent way, with my parents in front of my siblings. I always react out of intense anger and I do have a lot of anger issues, however, I don’t understand why it makes her take it personally if I was nice to her. She will always take my mom’s sad when we fought me and mom, even if I had taken her side earlier in the arguments against her.
What disgusts me the most about her, is her completely lack of any little [even a tiny bit] of self awareness. Many times, whenever I was upset at her, I actually sat down to speak to her nicely. Many times, even TOO nicely, telling her how i don’t think X,Y,Z behaviours are good for her and even others. I was genuinely concerned for her. Where it starts to annoy me, is the constant praise of my other sibling. I can admit, maybe I am highly jealous of my younger sibling who is 17 [I am 19]. It annoys me because, she worships her. Even tho my 17 years old sister doesn’t respect her for shit. She’s awful towards her, doesn’t care, but has a fun person I guess? Whatever. I always get no pat on the back for doing good things, yet my 17 years old sister [she’s also a snake] gets all the praise. My horrible awful parents have centered self worth with weight and beauty. I was mocked, targeted, bullied for ( and still I am ) for being overweight. Because I am not the same tiny, weight as her, I am not that likable. My parents constantly told my younger siblings how I am just a fat girl and I was always joked about. So I guess that’s why my snake 17 years old sister gets A LOT of pass. She hits, yells, screams at everyone but she does it in a manner that isn’t always obvious. Meaning, and sadly, she knows how to look innocent while losing her shit ( sorry if it makes no sense) but I am trying to say, that I lose my shit quite fast and I am more reactive, and unfortunately, abusive too. I am not a great person I know! But neither she is. Yet it’s always, me. Me me me. I am always expected to take accountability, take blame, because nobody is bad but me. My snake sister never thinks she’s right. However, many times, I did make changes. Tho not very great, I went back inevitably to my sad very toxic ways, but I still was a better version of me for one time. I remember years ago, when I started to change for the better. It was change I’ve wanted for years, and I truly believed in the lies my parents made when they said “ if you changed, nobody in this house would be horrible again “ so I did do that. Change. I was calmer, nicer, thinner, and cleaned the house more often. My siblings however, thought I was controlling. They kept cursing at me, saying how I am a terrible person, that “ You’re not our mom fuck off “ but all I tried to do was change. The change I was taught would happen if I become a better role model. So whatever. That stopped. I went back to cursing them back and fighting with them constantly, toxicity in high level. Fights and screams all of that.
But I still get bothered because my 17 years old sister never tried. Nobody ever tried to make any little effort, it was always me. However, my 13 old bitchy sister still thinks I am always the problem. Part of me isn’t mad about that, if you act like a crazy person most of the time, do you expect people to see you as good? No. But I am mad that, all my efforts went to waste. I remember my grandma one time gifted me a $150 dollars, my parents told me they are in need of money, to buy my siblings a closet. I said okay, with all my heart I was very happy to help. Maybe giving away only $50 doesn’t matter, it’s not a lot of money, but for someone like me who has spending urges and actually needs money for many things, it was alot. However, my 13 years old piece of shit sister doesn’t want to believe ( or even remember) that because of me she now has a closet. I feel like shit knowing I wasted money on someone like her. More and more my family is erasing any good dead I’ve done, just to keep the evil picture of me up to date.
So let me come to the part where my intense hatred for my sister is rising. Well, for instance, I hate her narcissistic self in the making. Anytime I tell her to do something good, again, in a good way, it ends up in her raging and being a complete bitch. There’s like zero accountability, zero idea of her impact. She’s a big bully to my younger brother ( she HATES him) she constantly tells him the most cruel and horrible things. She doesn’t ever think she’s wrong, she is actually, and I hate to agree with mom, a very horribly disgusting cunt. Where it comes to our shared bathroom, she doesn’t flush. Leaves the bathroom full of shit like her, and I’ve told her many times PLEASE be considerate. Nope. Nope nope nope. Fulllllll of excuses. I was feeling at first, harsh on her. I was always saying to myself “ come on V, you were always a kid and were misbehaving, can’t you feel her “ no. The more I think of it, the more I get angry. Okay, she’s a teenager right? She’s rebellious right? But I was 13 too. Tho not a great little me, I was also mean, I was also harsh toward people, I remember not being nice often. But I still had good in me. I still felt bad whenever I knew I was doing something wrong, and promised to correct it. Many times, I didn’t hurt the people I loved again when I was told I hurt them. But her???? She’s like a brainless fool. Is 13 really that young to be like that!?!?? I am not expecting her to be fully aware, I can cut her a slack ( or mannnnny because I’ve had my already low patience with her ) but come on. She’s always on tiktok, she’s smug and brags about passing school, she’s annoying as hell. She’s always in her victim mentality, always feeling horrible even if my parents do something good for her. Yes I can understand the abuse she went through because of them, but the constant victim mentality is killing me. She’s irresponsible, selfish, and just, inconsiderate of everyone’s feelings. Everyone tells her she should do better but what does she do? Nothing. I’ve seen no improvements, at all. Just excuses and terrible behavior. In fact one of the many incidents that made me hate her even more, is her stupid self opened the cage door and made our 8 months old bird fly away. She acted normally very quickly while me and my sister were in a lot of pain. The amount of no remorse is uncomfortable for me. She said she felt bad and cried, and I do understand beating yourself up isn’t helpful, but she’s a smug bitch and whenever we told her she’s at fault she just raged and pretended it wasn’t a big deal. Ya so what, Just a bird that considered a dear pet flew away! So what guys!!!!
With that being said, now I don’t care. I just say mean things to her because I am over it. A lot of times she has tried committing suicide, and I always ran to her room and tried to save her. I was fully aching for her. Meanwhile whenever anything bad happens to her and tells her fav sister, also my 17 years old sister what happened, my sister doesn’t.give.a.fuck about her. Now? Now I truly hope she gets all the bad karma. I do understand I am no better, I mentioned how toxic I am myself. But I want her to suffer for all the shit she says to me, all the things she throws back at me and pointing out my mistakes, even tho she has toooons more. Part of me always doesn’t want to feel bad for bullying her at times, along with mom and dad, because she’s an ungrateful little whore and I feel bad for all the times I defended her. She was confiding in me whenever shit happened, only because it’s convenient to her. All the things I’ve even tried to do for “ good “, never are seen. Nobody also holds her accountable, they do but they don’t tell her the harsh cold truth that her behavior isn’t nice, like I do. I tell her to grow up and stop being this and that, maybe I don’t have a sugar coating attitude. Like okay, 13 is young, but so many other 13 year olds are better than this. So many of them have good level of self awareness, a little EMPATHY, and are smarter than her stupid ass. Because she has an “airy”personality, people don’t take her shit as serious. She’s funny but I don’t see that at all, she’s just an inconsiderate little bitch to me. Her smugness and attitude isn’t fun to me. At all. I even asked her one time, “ do you know what self awareness is?” And she said no. I am not surprised, but is she excused for being that dumb tho!!!! I was 13 not long ago. I am 19 now. I always knew how to be a good person even when I wasn’t one, I was genuinely trying my best. I am not trying to say I am the be all of morals, all I am saying is, how much slack should I give for her stupidity at 13???
Now she hates me. Okay let it be. Her role models are people who don’t give a shit about her ( she tells mom and sis that) …. And the ones who genuinely love her she treats them bad like my brother. Oh I forgot to mention, my brother, who is younger than her, also had an issue with flushing the toilet. However, we told him sooooo many times, to fix this and he finally did. So this just proves she isn’t very young for anything.
But I don’t know who I should be more mad at. My horrible evil parents who always discard serious behavioral issues, teaching my siblings worst of the worse, or her. I try my best to see her good side, but nobody her does. And I am fed up. I try to see her as funny, sweet and beautiful, but now all I can see is moron, mean, and ugly. And now all I can hope for is her horrible karma, cause listen, I’ve got mine. But she? I want her to really feel bad. I feel bad for all the times I tried to see the good in her, it’s all to waste. She’s the next mom. I hate that so much. She’s learned the Victim mentality, raging and awful heart like my mother’s. But I always say, if someone is a good person they will try to see the good even if others treated them bad. I was severely bullied at school for many years, abuse by my grandpa, and I too had a horrible treatment from my parents. But I still try to be a better version of me not the worst, although like I said, I haven’t been great for a while. But I am working on it. However my stupid sister never says “ I will change my behavior “ or “ I am sorry I am like that, I will work on it “ but she can say “ I can change my grades “ when she takes bad grades. There’s like literally zero idea about how awful she is.
Now, I wish her nothing good. I am filled with anger and hatred toward her. To be honest, I began writing all this just to understand myself better. And now I can see what I am feeling better. Back to her, I no longer empathize with her abuse: at all. I no longer see the good I use to. I am the villain in the household, and the most awful ones are praised. I hate everyone.
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2022.01.28 20:00 PrestoVivace Coast to Coast! Santa Rita Hunger Strikers Send Solidarity to Rikers Island Strikers

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2022.01.28 20:00 spookyduckfish What.. lmfao

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2022.01.28 20:00 Affectionate-Juice16 Why is every arena blurry except Electro valley?

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2022.01.28 20:00 relaxed_hodgkin Flashback Friday oder Alexis ältestes Video: Der kalte Kaffee

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2022.01.28 20:00 Icy-Reason3131 999

We Officially!!! Just hit 999 members only one away from 1000 if you have a friend make sure to tell them to join!!! There’s a chance we reveal some really cool new mons on the 1000 mark
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2022.01.28 20:00 Piper6547656 [For Hire] Top Notch Writer

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2022.01.28 20:00 AutoModerator [1/28 @ 4:00] Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets

Game Discussion Thread: Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets
Time: 4:00 PM(PT)
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2022.01.28 20:00 AutoModerator The Origins of Peacemaker

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